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The Sunrise Mountains is the name of two mountain ranges. The most important are mountains in Thay which form much of that countries eastern border. They mark the edge of Faerûn. These Sunrise mountains are quite high, towering a good 15,000 feet above sea level and are full of old Raumathar ruins. the alternate (local) name for the Sunrise Mountains (which is the Aglarondan and hence Inner Sea name for them) is the Thaedanth Range, or Thaedanths. Yes, the "Thae" is pronounced like "Thay."

Comprising a lengthy row of lowly peaks, the Sunrise Mountain range marks the western border of the Endless Waste with the evil magocracy of Thay. The eastern side of the mountains have long hidden the secret underground gnome kingdom of Songfarla. The slopes are also home to bands of bugbears, goblins, gnolls, escaped Thayvian slaves, and barbarian bandits who remain unaware of the gnomish realm under their feet. More interested with its formal enemies to the west, Thay mostly ignores this side of its kingdom, although Red Wizards frequent the Sunrise Mountains to hunt both beasts and humanoids for sport.

The other range known as the Sunrise Mountains is a short mountain range in located in the northern Tortured Land between Anauroch and the Great Glacier. It lies northeast of the Frozen Forest and the Great Mount Ghaethluntar and marks roughly the change from boreal prairies to tundra. The region is mostly populated by wild animals, but one may run into Flinds from Ghaethluntar in a hunting expedition.

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