Tomyris, the Meeting Ground, is the place most important to the Issacortae. The name specifically refers to a high, bald hill ringed by stone monoliths.

Nearby are numerous dwellings, including those of the Zarina, the great shaman, and Amorg, the high king. The high king or queen usually lives away from Tomyris, with his tribe; while the great shaman remains here year-round, being responsible for the care of Tomyris.

Every autumn equinox, the chieftains of all the Issatort tribes leave their people and meet here. The great shaman performs important rituals in their presence, including foretelling the upcoming winter and year; and the high king passes judgement on any disputes that the chieftains could not satisfactorily arbitrate. The chieftains also gather in times of emergency: hostile incursions, natural disasters, and the death of a high king or shaman. The latter selects his or her own successor, but it is necessary for the chieftains to officiate the ceremony. The former position is filled from among the tribal chieftains by their vote.

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