Outsider humanoid Half-fiend
Type Outsider humanoid Half-fiend
Location Prime Plane
Languages Mox Abyssal

Uk-Mox are a new breed of Mox found in the Glittering Wastes.


Uk-Mox were created on September 19th 1317 MT by the Incubus Ukobach and the coven of Orcus in the Cave of Exile in the Glittering Wastes. On October 19th the new Uk-Mox clan of Ukoboss took control of the Mox town of Delldum and renamed it Ukohomi


Uk-Mox are tall muscular humanoids. Coarse hair covers most of their bodies and is mostly black with some white and gray. A Uk-Mox has a barrel chest with short, thick necks and wide, flat heads with sloping brows. They have small white horns on top of the head and they have red glowing eyes. Their shoulders are broad and their arms are long and powerful as they have thick bones and dense muscle which both contribute to their broad structures, but they have short and thick legs. Uk-Mox hands and feet are quite large have thick bones, dense muscle which both contribute to their broad structures. Both their teeth and claws are very sharp and strong and can be used as weapons.Multiple redundant physical defenses against the cold are present in the Uk-Mox body: thick layers of fat, thick hair, long eyelashes An adult Uk-Mox stands about six feet tall and weighs about 330 pounds.

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