Winterkeep is a large ruin located on the southern tip of the Yal-Tengri and one of the biggest city in Taan. East of Winterkeep are the Glittering Spires. On the surface it is little more than fire scared rubble and smashed bits of stone. Underneath is a maze of halls, crypts and passageways.

To the Vil Adanrath Winterkeep is known as Iket Sotha.


Winterkeep was built during the Raumatharan Age as a nobleman's estate. It soon became a place for Raumatharan kings. When Raumathar fell it was simply abandoned.

Current EventsEdit

In 1374 DR the gelugon Ultael enslaved several ice troll warbands and started to attempt to make a fiefdom for himself. He has sent several warbands out to raid along the Golden Way.

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