The Yal-Tengri, also known as the Great Ice Sea, is a frozen sea located in the Hordelands. The sea is covered in a sheet of ice for half of the year, but during the spring it begins to thaw while retaining some icebergs until summer when it is completely free from ice. This causes very dangerous sea routes for sailors and other sea-faring folk.

In the ancient time, the major city on its shore was Winterkeep, but now this title belongs to trade city of Naupau, in Sossal. Far in the north of the sea is a small island dominated by a cathedral-like spire, inhabited by gnomes of Gond.

The Endless Ice Sea is the name of the western Faerûn part of it. Somewhere there is Jhothûn, the long-forgotten capital of a mighty empire of Giants.

This vast saltwater sea, named Yal Tengri by the Shou, forms the northern border of the Endless Waste. In ages past, humans of the Raumathar Empire settled along its frigid shores and used powerful magic to keep away wintry weather. Since Raumathar’s fall, the magic has dissipated, and the area is now inhospitable to humans. Most of the year, the Great Ice Sea freezes over, allowing travelers and hoary predators to cross on foot. By late spring, the ice recedes, leaving behind gigantic icebergs and making travel by boat a dangerous endeavor.

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