Yellow Thunder Falls

Plunging from the Katakoro Plateau over the Yellow Serpent Border Cliffs, the Takt Muren drops a dizzying height in just a few moments. This immense waterfall, 2,000 feet high, is the Yellow Thunder Falls.

The falls take their name from the sulphurous deposits that line the cliffs in this region. The misty water catches the light of the orange, red, and yellow streaks in the rock, giving the falls a golden, fiery hue. The falls appear suddenly and with little warning.

From a distance all that is heard is a whispery rush, like wind through the leaves. This builds in intensity. By the time the noise can definitely be identified, it is too late, the falls are upon the traveler. The current is strong and swift. Unless immediate action is taken, the craft will be swept over the brink.

Near the falls is a trail from the top of the cliff to the base. This winds down through an endless series of switchbacks, nearly as steep as ladders in some places. Climbing up or down the trail takes the better part of a day. When the wind blows the right direction, mists from the falls soak the path. What is merely a dangerous trail becomes treacherously deadly.

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